The Art of Cinema #458

The Bell-Hop
(Larry Semon, Norman Taurog; 1921)


JonCow said...

Of course, in these politically correct days, he would be known as Larry DNA.

DeBakey said...

Rhymes with Lemon?

JonCow said...

I was in Big Lots today and saw an Elvis movie in the cut-out bin (Live a Little, Love a Little) directed by Norman Taurog in 1968!! That is a career of just shy of 50 years! including ninel Elvis movies (he directed Elvis more than any other director) and six Martin & Lewis comedies. and a little diamond in the rough called Mrs. O'Malley and Mr Malone (starring Marjorie Main and James Whitmore). Whitmore is a down-and-out PI who meets a former colleague.
Colleague: Are you working on a case?
Malone: I buy it by the bottle these days.