Annals of Crime #102
The City: Philadelphia #19

Original Caption:

Sought by Six States.

Philadelphia -- Raymond Kaune, held by Philadelphia Police as an alleged member of Detroit's 'Purple Gang' and recently linked with the massacre of seven Chicago gangsters, is wanted by authorities in six states under accusations of Bank Robbery and Jewel Theft. (1929)


mister muleboy said...

Hmmm; in this photo, Kaune looks suspiciously like the Mythical Monkey.

And certainly doesn't look like my stereotyped* image of a hoodlum.

From Wiki: The term stereotype (στερεότυπος) derives from the Greek words στερεός (stereos), "firm, solid"[1] and τύπος (typos), "impression",[2] hence "solid impression".

estiv said...

Damn. Compare this to a picture of Richard Branson or Mark Cuban. In those days thugs dressed better than billionaires do now.

Kyle said...

Never knew James Joyce were so cold-blooded.