Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #26

Boone (standing) on set of Have Gun, Will Travel
Today's adventure brought to you by the original caption:

Judging by the sign on the back of the chair, actor Richard Boone (Right) is trying to talk to "himself." Actually, Boone, who plays the role of Paladin in CBS-Tv's Have Gun, Will Travel was taking over as director for one of the segments of the series. He's instructing a member of the cast as the latter sits in the director's chair.


MichaelRyerson said...

I think the 'member of the cast' is actually Boone's stand-in as he's wearing Paladin's hat and is otherwise dressed exactly like Boone with the exception of the gunbelt.

Timmy said...

It's Clint Eastwood in the chair & Boone is lettin' him know, in no uncertain terms that he's on the wrong set.