This Sporting Life #26

marion davies and red grange
Red Grange gets his helmet autographed by the one and only Marion Davies.


mister muleboy said...

Number 77, the Galloping Ghost himself.

I played with his number on my back as a fourth-grader.

My old man requested that I never forget red grange.


Gerard Saylor said...

Go Illini!

VP81955 said...

That appears to be taken at the MGM lot in Culver City where Marion was working in the mid-1920s. A 1925 featurette tour of the place runs on TCM every now and then, and there are also shots of the studio exterior in the 1928 Davies-King Vidor classic silent "Show People," arguably Marion's finest work on screen (she was a splendid silent comedic actress and beloved by the film community -- the antithesis of the fictional Susan Alexander Kane).