The Fair: Welcome to Century 21 #2


1962 - Worlds Fair
Above: The model of the upcoming fair, er, exposition.
Below: An aerial shot of the finished product. Its centerpiece appears to be some kind of space-like needle thingy. Boy, don't you wonder what happened to that thing after the expo?


michaelE said...

I think I see myself over by the Science Hall.

Eric said...

Both the Space Needle and the Theme Building at Los Angeles Int'l Airport emerged in 1961. Great year for wacky futuristic architecture!

Fred said...

At least Seattle kept many of the structures built for the expo in good working condition. What the State of New York did to the World's Fair pavilions after 1965, allowing them to become derelict and decrepit, was criminal!

Mara said...

I was 10 years old when the Fair, uh, Exposition was built. Watching it's progress was big time excitement! My parents, notorious cheapskates, actually took the whole family for several day trips round all the exhibits. Fortunately, a lot more things were no charge in those days, too. Most memorable - the World of Tomorrow, pickle pins, and rides on the Bubblelator!!