Before and After #228: Lawrence Ferlinghetti




Trader said...

I did get across him while I was covering a Kerouac exposition in Québec City in the late '80s.

He then already looked like the "After" picture.

Nice man. Very calm. He gave me this impression of being very detached of the human passions.

I think he sold his famous store in San Francisco, City Lights Library, a place where I went a few years later, walking up the stairs, thinking of the Beat authors, Bukowski and many others.

Don't know if he still owns it.

Joe Thompson said...

He is still co-owner of City Lights.

swac said...

I actually read Coney Island of the Mind before I ever got around to On the Road or Howl (I think I was 11 or 12 at the time). That half-grin in the second photo neatly sums up the humour and humanity I found in his writing.

Trader said...

BTW, Ferlinghetti never took the risk of publishing Kerouac.

Oh irony...