They Were Collaborators #654

The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble


Peter Nellhaus said...

Faithful friends and flattering foes. I just found out that the drummer changed his name and wrote the theme for "X-Files". I met the band when they visited Denver in 1969,

Robert Fiore said...

Of their album Faithful Friend, Robert Christgau wrote, "In case anyone is still wondering, this is one of the most useless groups in memory. They ought to be forced to play 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' at a book party on Central Park South until they choke on their own hair, and Leonard Bernstein should be forced to embalm them."

To a Manhattan chauvinist like Christgau their name must have been an affront.

Bill said...

They released *five* albums. Can you imagine that happening today? I remember seeing this one in the cut-out bins.