Aftermath: Japan #10

Original Caption:

Tattooing, Now Legal In Japan, A Dying Art.

Tokyo -- Shown at work here are Goro Ichida and his son, Tokumitsu, two of the foremost tattoo artists in Japan. They are doing a design on the back of a Japanese girl; a job for which they would have gone to jail a few years ago, before Japan's new constitution made tattooing legal. Most of the customers of the Japanese tattoo artist are American GI's. They keep the artists busy, but the Ichidas say that there are only ten really good artists in Japan today and the art is fast dying. The father and son now use an electric needle that does the job in one-third the time. Once they used slivers of bamboo and the operation was sometimes painful. (1955)


Vanwall said...

I recommend "The Tattoo Murder Case", an erotic detective mystery by Akimitsu Takagi, set just postwar.

Gerard Saylor said...

Anyone else mistake that pillow for side boobage?