Adventures in the Fight Racket #38

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A More Happy Fella Than Yesterday.

New York -- Brawny Gene Fullmer and his wife Dolores stand in front of Broadway's Imperial Theater where 'The Most Happy Fella' is playing; an appropriate spot for Fullmer the morning after his victory over Charles Humez in a bloody ten-round fight at Madison Square Garden. The Fullmers are heading for their West Jordan, Utah, home. The 24-year-old mining welder stood out as the number one challenger for the Middleweight crown of Sugar Ray Robinson after his victory over France's Humez. Fullmer said a millionaire friend would underwrite a $1,000,000 guarantee to Robinson if necessary to entice the champion into the ring. (1956)


Joe Thompson said...

The fight, when it came off, turned out to be a huge upset. Sugar Ray lost.

TIM said...

Why didn't the "Most Happy Fella"
ever become a film?

estiv said...

Why didn't the "Most Happy Fella"
ever become a film?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle was the fact that it includes so much singing that it's sometimes described as being closer to an opera than a standard musical. Like The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, I suppose, which can baffle first-time viewers.