The Fair: Building a Better Tomorrow #1

1939 - Ford Exhibit - Cycle of Production - under construction

1939 - Ford Exhibit - Cycle of Production - figurines
Above: The Cycle of Production display under construction at the Ford Exhibit for the 1939 World's Fair.

Below: Detail of part of the display.


Robert Fiore said...

The reason that Fair is so lovable now is the way it evokes the past.

dola said...

"The course characteristic of modern industry, viz., a decennial cycle (interrupted by smaller oscillations), of periods of average activity, production at high pressure, crisis and stagnation, depends on the constant formation, the greater or less absorption, and the re-formation of the industrial reserve army or surplus population. In their turn, the varying phases of the industrial cycle recruit the surplus population, and become one of the most energetic agents of its reproduction. This peculiar course of modern industry, which occurs in no earlier period of human history, was also impossible in the childhood of capitalist production." karl marx, das kapital vol. 1

justjack said...

David Gelernter's book on the '39 Fair is a must-read.