Artists in Action #584

butterfly mcqueen
Butterfly McQueen takes a break on the set of Gone with the Wind.


Robert said...

I have always thought that Butterfly's characters were not as dim as they appeared. The means of survival for African-Americans in a White world were many, varied, and not always noble>

marietta said...

I feel s sorry,butterfly with you.

Tommy O'C said...

She was lucky to have gotten into movies in the first place.

Robert said...

True. As Louise Beavers said, "Better to play a maid, than to be one." One of the great wasted talents of the cinema was Theresa Harris, a beautiful and talented African-American woman with a remarkable sense of humor and great charm.
She appeared in at least seventy-five films beginning with a bit part in Sternberg's Morocco. Frequently uncredited and more often than not playing a maid, she can be seen to the greatest advantage in Out of the Past, I Walked with a Zombie, The Flame of New Orleans, Baby Face, Hold Your Man, and Professional Sweetheart.
Yes, she was lucky to have worked steadily for nearly thirty years, but what a loss to the rest of us to miss the parts she might have played.