Artists in Action #582

Lena Horne 1943
Original Caption:

Lena Horne, actress, singer, and sponsor of the SS George Washington Carver, about to place a kiss on the cheek of Montrose Carrol, a chipper who worked on the Liberty ship, during the ship's launching, Richmond Shipyard No. 1, Richmond, California, May 7, 1943.


minus said...

She picked a good guy to kiss. A chipper has one of the hardest and nastiest jobs in the shipyard. He has to clean up and fix all the mistakes that welders and fitters make. Involves pneumatic chipping gun and grinder to remove bad welds. Heroes of the yard.

Greg said...

Thanks for the info. Makes me like her even more that she picked him.

Gerard Saylor said...

That guy is loving Horne's attention.