Annals of Crime #87

Original Caption:

Mother in Court with Defendants in "Wolf-Whistle" Trial.

Sumner, Mississippi -- Defendants in the Emmett Till murder case, John W. Milam and Roy Bryant, are shown with their mother, Mrs. Eula Lee Bryant in court today. The first witness for the state and the first trial witness today was preacher Mose Wright, 64 year old granduncle of the murdered Negro youth. Morse told the court his story of the night two white men entered his home and took Emmett away. Pointing an accusing finger at the defendants, Wright said "There they are." (1955)


peterrocker said...

As these two bastards both died of cancer, I hope it was particularly painful.

Big brave arseholes!!

Gerard Saylor said...

No kidding. Kidnapping and murdering a 14 year old boy.