Annals of Crime #84

Original Caption:

New York -- Wearing a mink stole, Barbara Cook ascends the stairs at the E. 67th St. police station for questioning in the mysterious slaying of financier Serge Rubinstein. Miss Cook joined the parade of beautiful women questioned by the police today in an effort to find a clue to the murder. Police started checking some 2,000 names from six address books found in the slain man's Fifth Avenue mansion, where he was found dead yesterday (1955)


jim smith said...

Very scary murder case when I was a child. Rubinstein was tied up and suffocated in the bedroom of his 5th Avenue mansion. He had so many enemies they never did find out whodunit. His mother on the floor below had seen a lady in furs scooting down the stairs and out of the house late that night. It did not turn out to be Barbara Cook.

What was not revealed until decades later was that Rubinstein was into bondage and discipline by ladies. Apparently, the lady in furs (whoever she was) had set him up and when he was all trussed someone else came in, or was already there,concealed, and finished the job.

Rubinstein was a brilliant Russian emigre (who did time for dodging the draft in WW2). He was one of the early maestros of buying companies whose stock price was depressed and selling off the pieces for a big cumulative profit. He was only in his
mid-40s when he was murdered.

Robert Fiore said...

You'd think she was expecting photographers.

Tommy O'C said...

There's no such thing as bad press. Unless the papers convict you before your day in court. In this case, that point was moot. I wonder what the murderer(s) gained from this crime.

jim smith said...

Tommy: He was not a nice guy. Was a "dirty double-crossin'low down rat." He may have run afoul of the mob or people who know people who can do a job. The conclusion then was it was payback for something. What did the murderer(s) get for their trouble? Satisfaction.

Fred said...

If Jim's description of Rubinstein's business is correct, then it is easy to see how he would have made many enemies. There are lots of folks who could have gotten burned by Rubinstein's dealings. A few years back, a short-seller in Canada was almost whacked by the Russian mob b/c he was shorting a stock for a company which they owned. The only thing that saved the guy's life was that the RCMP were tapping his phones (since he was under investigation for wire fraud) and came across the conversations amongst the mobsters and the short-sellers. The RCMP (with the assistance of the FBI) rounded up the would-be assassins just as they crossed the border to carry out the hit. Unfortunately, there wasn't any ladies in furs involved nor was there any evidence of involvement with S&M.