They Were Collaborators #637

Chuck Wein, Andy Warhol and Danny Williams


MichaelRyerson said...

In one of the great ironies of the art world, they all became acquainted in high school as they stood near one another in gym class.

Tom Sutpen said...

I . . . don't think so.

TIM said...

Danny Williams died of heart failure in 2005, Chuck Wein of
heart failure in 2009, and Andy
died in his sleep following gallbladder surgery in 1987.

Tom Sutpen said...

Unless you know something his loved ones do not, Danny Williams disappeared from his family's home in 1967 and has never been seen nor heard from again.

A legend quickly emerged, which one still hears repeated, that he had walked into the ocean just like Norman Maine in A Star is Born, but there's never been the slightest corroboration for it.