Artists in Action #570

Douglas Fairbanks insists, "I'm on the list. Check again." at the Fourth Annual Motion Pictures Golf Tournament.


Douglas Fairbanks said...

About fucking time I got some love around here.

I was being routinely lauded on various blogspot sites when -- BOOM -- I go dark.

You weasely Hollywood wannabes should sit back and watch the master at work.

Hell -- check out this photo.

No wonder I bagged America's Sweetheart

Brooks said...

And little wonder you dumped her, you vain sob! ;-)

Douglas Fairbanks said...

Brooksie --

If I weren't dead, I'd come over there and swashbuckle yer ass until yer head'd swim.


[when, exactly, did I go from nationals treasure to national punching bag.

that poofy son o' mine helped nothing, I'll tell ya that . . . . ]