Aftermath: Japan #8

Original Caption:

Hiroshima - Ten Years Later.

Hiroshima -- The night no longer holds terror. Lights flashing in the sky are the neon signs in the shopping district, not forewarners of sudden death. (1955)


Kenmeer livermaile said...

One can suppose there was after The Bomb a fevered rush forward into modernity, since the Past had been cauterized after bringing them to holocaust.

Elisson said...

Two years ago I stood at the hypocenter - the spot directly beneath the A-bomb explosion - in Hiroshima. You would never know that the vital, bustling city around me had been completely leveled only sixty-three years before... a radioactive wasteland.

It was a sobering experience... as was my visit to Pearl Harbor twenty-three years before. Time changes many things, but there are some events we need to remember.