Men of God #21

Roy Masters


archer said...

deep and brilliant

Andy 7 said...

"Every neurosis comes from your mother" - he had quite a rap.

archer said...

that's a very simplistic and/or disingenuous take.

he's still rapping and it's much deeper and more insightful about the human condition than one out-of-context quote might imply.

Tom Sutpen said...

Back in the early 90s, I used to listen to Roy Masters every day driving home from whatever sinkhole of a radio station I was working at (followed by Bob Larson's daily Satanism-fest . . . until he switched to politics and became a big bore). I heard him say things very much like what Andy 7 is quoting many many times.

Which is not to say that Roy Masters isn't brilliant, I hasten to add.

(I still do a killer imitation of him, too, but nobody knows who the hell he is!)