Artists in Action #565

Carol Lynley's got 'em. And if she's got 'em, she's a-gonna smoke 'em.


Christopher said...

cop a fag from ya mate?

Flynn D said...

I'll never learn. Even after having seen what time has so cruelly done to B Bardot and A Ekberg, I had to see what C Lynley looks like today.

Big. mis. take.

Chris Rywalt said...

Are you kidding? She's a pretty hot grandma! Time takes us all down, you know.

Flynn D said...

"Time is the truest friend we have.
She keeps us humble." ~~ f darrow

I'll give you this, Chris: she has beautiful eyes.

I was being unnecessarily critical and I'm glad you called me out on it, to tell you the truth. It's just that - in the back of my mind there's a memory of reading about William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd saying he stopped making public appearances after a certain age because he wanted his fans to remember him the way he was. That always impressed me.

Kimberly Lindbergs said...

Women aren't allowed to age gracefully. Society is particularly harsh on them which is why they spend gazillions on beauty products and plastic surgery. It's a shame that a woman who ages naturally and looks as good as Carol does would be considered hideous. She shouldn't hide away. It's ridiculous that aging and death have become taboo subjects. They inevitably happen to us all.

Chris Rywalt said...

Aging isn't inevitable. The alternative is to die young. My wife is turning forty this year and she keeps complaining, but I always point out it beats not turning forty.

It is sad to see beautiful people get old. It's sad to see ugly people get old. Aging sucks. But we're stuck with it for now. Maybe medical science will cure it one day, but that day is not now.

What I've realized as I've gotten older is, beautiful people are generally beautiful for only one moment in time. Even the most ridiculously wonderful person has their peak. You see someone on the street and you think, wow, they're gorgeous, as if they're always going to look like that. But they won't. They've never looked quite that way before and they never will again.

Also, you think, if only I were that beautiful, or could possess that beauty somehow -- by marrying it, maybe -- I'd be happier than I am now. Beauty is the promise of happiness, as Stendhal wrote. But it's an empty promise. Beautiful people are just as unhappy as you.

Greg said...

I'm gorgeous, and I'm 117.

Flynn D said...

How time flies:

As a young boy, the first movie scene that really stayed with me was the drunken, so-called "Play it again, Sam" flashback scene from Casablanca.

It's disconcerting to watch Casablanca now and realize that, in a few short years, I'll be old enough to be the world-weary Rick Blaine's father.