American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s #18

The Paul Specht Orchestra


mister muleboy said...

Thank you thank you thank you.

I love this series.

Is there anywhere to go to view larger displays of the photos of these bands?

Vanwall said...

My Dad's stepfather, who was very much a grandfather anyway, had a dance band in the early '30s, after his rodeo bronc ridin' career became too dangerous. These pics are so much about what entertainment was at that time.

justjack said...

Wait, the sheet music hangs from the ceiling? How cool is that!

Saint Russell said...

The band had to crowd around the recording horn, and music stands would get in the way!

Tom Sutpen said...

monsieur muleboy:

They're scattered all over the internet, though there are some sites like the Red Hot Jazz database where you can find images of these orchestras. Unfortunately, I've yet to see more than one or two that I didn't have to enlarge before posting it hereabouts. Given the amount of detail that is often in these photographs, one would think higher resolutions were in order.

But then, who knows from Nat Shilkret and His Victor Recording Orchestra these days?