They Were an Item #97
They Were Collaborators # 616

Martina Topley-Bird and Tricky
Martina Topley-Bird and Adrian Thaws a.k.a. Tricky.


chainedandperfumed said...

Awesome. Tricky lost a lot when he quit his collaboration with Martina. It was all pretty much down hill after that Pre-Millenium Tension LP in my opinion.

It was good hearing her on the most recent Gorillaz LP and I think I read somewhere that she'll be on the forthcoming Massive Attack record.

Richard Gibson said...

Haven't really heard a lot since the first album came out. I've been listening to it again recently as I heard 'Black Steel' on the radio and was reminded how good it was.

I had no idea she was on the Gorillaz album, will have to try and check it out.

C. O'Toole said...

liked him in the fifth element