Annals of Crime #83
Faces of Science #19

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Scientists Testify in Bunco Case

Los Angeles -- Dr. Edwin P. Hubble, of the Mt. Wilson observatory; Dr. Robert A. Millikan, of California Institute of Technology; Dr. Frederick H. Seares, and Dr. Walter S. Adams, both of Mt. Wilson Observatory, appear in court to testify at a preliminary hearing for Herman Dudley Abrams on charges that he swindled $27,000 from R.W. Hickman and his wife, who said that they put up money for exploitation of a medicinal clay after allegedly being told by Abrams that the scientists had "endorsed" the product. The scientists denied knowing Abrams or endorsing his clay. (1941)

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Greg said...

I actually used to use Honest Abrams Magnificent Medicinal Clay daily. It worked wonders on my rheumatism. He should've called me, I would've endorsed it.