Artists and Animals #46
Home Is Where The Heart Is #4

Kim Novak's Living Room (California, 1964)


justjack said...

Dang. Sixty-Four, baby, yeah!

All she needs now is some Esquivel cue'd up on the hi-fi.

Kim's pose rather puts me in mind of Davy Jones "playing" the guitar on the back "Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd." Keep rockin' that A major chord, kid.

Gadzooks, I've always loved her icy blonde looks.

Timmy said...

She knows how to live...

Mr DeBakey said...

I watched Ms Novak just last week
in "Pal Joey" [co-starring with one of the Hoboken Four].

Part of the
Barbara Nichols 57 Trilogy

"Pajama Game" before Christmas
and "Sweet Smell of Success" soon.
Very soon.

Christopher said...

action on the bear rug

Tommy O'C said...

I was going to say the same thing, Christopher. Love to roll around on that bearskin rug with Kim.