Seminal Image #947

(William Conrad; 1965)

The City: Oakland #2

Original Caption:

A Job Calling for Concerted Action.

Oakland -- Several hundred workmen are required to lay the base of this huge gas tank, and they all have to move simultaneously. The tank which is one of the largest in the United States, measuring 210 feet in diameter, is built three feet from the ground and lowered upon a sand foundation by means of jacks. (1922)

They Were Collaborators #582

Harry Nilsson and John Lennon

Twilight of the Dreamboats #13

Roslyn, NY (1958)

Artists and Animals #25

Audrey Hepburn and a donkey (no cheap 'Donkey Show' gags, please)

Welcome to Show Business! #25

Original Caption:

New York -- If Hollywood wants Ginger Rogers to make a comeback, it will have to clean up its act. Ginger says she'd love to do a movie again, but the only film roles she's offered are "far too risque." (1978)

Bandleaders #4

Eugene Ormandy

The Art of Jazz #94

Jazz: Red, Hot and Cool
(The Dave Brubeck Quartet)
(Columbia Records; 1955)

Jesters of the Republic #35

Will Jordan

The Art of Cinema #402

7 Faces of Dr. Lao
(George Pal; 1964)

The Heretofore Unmentioned #83

Neil Hamilton

The Art of Cinema #401

Man's Castle
(Frank Borzage; 1933)

Tiny Giants and Tiny Mummies #10

Edmund Wilson

They Were an Item #81

Annals of Crime #71

Original Caption:

Fort Bragg -- Overturned toys litter the children's bedroom in the home of an Army doctor, Captain Jeffrey MacDonald, following the murder of MacDonald's wife and two daughters by three men and a blond woman. The bed, shown partially on right, is smeared with blood stains. The girls were found slain in their bedroom, while a wounded MacDonald, apparently left for dead, was found in the master bedroom near his wife's body. (1970)

Adventures in the Fight Racket #30

Today's Adventure:

Original Caption:

In This Corner...

Hollywood -- If the fellow at left seems to be familiar, it's only because it's former heavyweight champion-turned-actor Archie Moore. With the ex-boxer in this scene from an NBC-TV dramatic program is actor Harry Guardino. They appear in a TV version of 'It's Mental Work,' a John O'Hara story, on the December 20th segment of the 'Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theater' series. (1963)

The Art of Feminism #9

Signs and Meaning in Cinema #28

Meaning: Crime of Passion
(Gerd Oswald; 1957)

The Art of American Fantasy #35

Africa Talks to You #4

Original Caption:

Pretoria -- Two hundred and fifty South Africans and other non-Europeans demonstrate outside the hotel of Mr. Dag Hammarskjold, the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Mr. Hammarskjold is in Pretoria for talks with Dr. Verwoerd on South Africa's racial policy. (1961)

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

Hard to believe, but there was a point in time when his life wasn't one big, unending freak show. This photo hails from that time.

Michael Jackson passed away this afternoon at the age of 50.

Mop Tops in Action #12

Ringo and his missus carry their own luggage

The Art of Cinema #400

Bébert et l'omnibus
(Bébert and the Train)
(Yves Robert; 1963)

The Art of the Panel: Marvel #10

from My Friend, My Foe... The Freak
(by Stan Lee, Archie Goodwin, Johnny Craig and Artie Simek)
(Iron Man, vol. 1 #3; July, 1968)

The Art of Hooch #6

Jesters of the Empire #26

Dave Allen

B is for Beaton #24

Katharine Hepburn

The Art of Travel #24

Broadcasters #71

Alan Burke

The Fair: Peace Through Understanding #4

Original Caption:

New York -- Federico Fellini, whose movie "8 1/2" won this year's Best Foreign Film Oscar and his wife, actress Giulietta Masina, lend their fine Italian hands to a Graumann's Chinese Theater-style "hands in concrete" ceremony at the New York World's Fair Hollywood Pavilion. Assisting are members of the George Murphy Associates firm. Pictured are Fellini, Norma Yost, Mrs. Fellini, and Lee Savin. (1964)

The Art of the Big Top #22

Aftermath: Japan #8

Original Caption:

Tokyo -- The Japanese went to the polls in their National Election and here are some of them casting their ballots. Women who never knew what it was to have a voice in their nation's affairs until the American occupation, are shown at one of the polling stations. Note that they wear the native wooden shoes, the prototype of the now Occidentally-fashionable platform shoes. The pro-American Liberal Party of Premier Yoshida Shigeru retained power. The Communists took a bad shellacking, failing to win a single seat in the Diet. In the last Diet the Red Party had 22 representatives. (1952)

The Art of Cinema #399

A Double Life
(George Cukor; 1947)

Artists and Animals #24

Sid James and a sleepy-looking Chimp

The Art of the Panel: Dell #2

from The F.B.I.
(Artists Unknown)
(The F.B.I. #1; April-June, 1965)

Annals of Crime #70

Original Caption:

In Defense Of Himself.

Washington -- W. A. "Tony" Boyle, president of the United Mine Workers union, gestures to emphasize a point during a press conference March 9th at the National Press Club. Boyle issued a 14-page statement defending himself and the United Mine Workers, denying any connection or involvement in the murder of Joseph Yablonski, whom Boyle defeated in an election last Dec. 9th. Boyle challenged the Labor Dept's claim that widespread irregularities marred the balloting. (1970)

Seminal Image #945

The Spiral Staircase
(Robert Siodmak; 1945)

The Fair: A Century of Progress #2

Original Caption:

Chicago -- A view of the Hall of Pure Science, in the science building at the World Fair in Chicago. In the center are professor Piccard's sratosphere Gondola and Dr. William Beebe's Bathyspdhere, with which they traveled the greatest distance above the earth and below the sea, respectively, that man has ever attained. On the walls are painted statements of the world's greatest scientists. (1933)

When Legends Gather #534

Roscoe Arbuckle and Harry Houdini

Tiny Giants and Tiny Mummies #9

A.J. Liebling

Artists in Action #512

Keith Richards meditates

The Art of the Centerfold #50

Majken Haugedal (Miss October, 1968)

Broadcasters #70

Bill Stern

The Art of Cinema #398

Sands of Iwo Jima
(Allan Dwan; 1949)

Annals of Crime #69

Original Caption:

Akron -- Runaway delinquent Ruth Beichler, 17, shows apparent remorse after her capture at Akron several hours after her escape with four other teenagers from the Summit County Detention Home. The girls are accused of murder in the death of Mrs. Eula Bonham, matron at the home whom they found bound and gagged with an ammonia soaked rag. Ruth, captured with a fellow escapee, said she was sorry but added, "We wouldn't have got caught if we'd moved fast." She wears crime-cult pachuco tattoos on her body. (1955)