Africa Talks to You #5

Original Caption:

Kenya -- Twenty-two Kikuyu women of Kenya, British African colony, have formed their own home guard to fight beside the men of the Kikuyu guard, to rid their country of Mau Mau terrorism. In this scene, the Kenya women drill under their director, Chief Benedetto. In the foreground with a woolen shawl over her shoulders is the captain of the women's guard, Esther Wangui, a woman terrorist who surrendered after being forced in to the Mau Mau. (1955)

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celticgods said...

The British, tortured, raped and murdered the Kikuyu for decades all the while waging a vicious and untruthful propaganda attack in the British media and the Foreign Office has hidden all the documentation un Official Secrets Act.
The Mau Mau achieved independence for Kenya.