Adventures in the Fight Racket #34

Today's Adventure

Original caption:

Sugar Ray Robinson winds up the left hook that will knock out Carl "Bobo" Olsen in the fourth round of their middleweight championship fight at Wrigley Field


Vanwall said...

"Stag at Sharkey's", anyone?

MichaelRyerson said...

This is Wrigley Field, Los Angeles not Chicago. Home of the PCL L.A. Angels. In point of fact, this little venue was built before the more famous Chicago ballpark, thereby making it the original Wrigley Field. Went to many triple 'A' ball games with my Dad here in the late forties and fifties although the Hollywood Stars were my team. Iconic 'Home Run Derby' was filmed here. In this shot Bobo is about to pay for a quirky habit he had of dropping his right arm after delivering an otherwise effective shot. Lights out, Bobo.

VP81955 said...

Actually, Wrigley Field LA opened in 1925, some 11 years after its Chicago counterpart. However, Chicago Wrigley originally had different names; it was first built for the Federal League Chicago team, and the Cubs moved n for the 1916 season. For years, it was called Cubs Park until Wrigley renamed it (which may have been after 1925, hence the confusion).

In addition to the PCL Angels, L.A. Wrigley hosted the first version of the Hollywood Stars and the initial season of the second version (before Gilmore Field was ready). It was also home for the first season of the AL Angels. Wrigley -- a frequent West Coast boxing venue, just as Yankee Stadium and the Polo Grounds were on the East Coast -- was razed in early 1969.

MichaelRyerson said...

Yes, 'Wrigley Field, Chicago' came into being in 1926, 'Wrigley Field, Los Angeles' opened in 1925. Had a traveller asked a Chicago cabbie to take him to Wrigley Field in 1925, the cabbie would have been stumpted. As my father worked as an unpaid scout for the Cubbies, I was, as a child, able to play in and under the grandstands at Wrigley Field, L.A. in the late forties. Pretty swell.