Stacks o' Wax #23

The Soupy Sales Show
(Reprise RS-6010; 1961)

Soupy Sales
Up in the Air
(Reprise RS-6052; 1962)

In light of the recent passing of television icon Soupy Sales (for years as a kid I only knew him from kiddie records, variety and game shows, and yes Sha Na Na, before I found out what he was truly famous for) I thought it a good time to share the two LPs he recorded for Reprise Records in the early '60s. Label boss Frank Sinatra was clearly a fan, he let Sales hit him with a pie on his TV show not once but twice (the second time with Sammy Davis Jr. and Trini Lopez in tow).

Get The Soupy Sales Show album here.

Get Soupy Sales' Up in the Air LP here.

And remember, be true to your teeth, and they won't be false to you.


thingy said...

Get a dollar from your mom's purse, and send it in. kids.

mckee said...

In the brief time we have on this planet we get a chance to leave something of value behind when we leave.

It's a given that there will be tangible items left behind, but those won't reveal anything about the true worth of a man or a woman for they're just things.

If a part of who you were lives on in other people, and who you were in some way made life better for your having been here, you live on through those of whom you touched.

Soupy Sales made me happy at a time when I needed to be happy more than almost anything else. From the moment his TV show began to air, a feeling exhilaration lifted me to a place from which I didn't want to leave.

There are a multitude of harsh reminders about the cold, cruel nature of life in the real world. Many, if not all of us, seek relief from those things in ways that are ultimately destructive.

For me and my generation of young people, Soupy Sales provided a totally positive sense of anarchy, a sublime pie in the face to the serious authoritarian structures that seemed to be set in place to undermine experiencing the joy that life can offer if you choose to find it. I found it every time I spent time with Soupy.

I didn't need confirmation that Soupy was all that I perceived him to be, but... nothing set off my father more than knowing that I was sitting in front of a TV watching Soupy. If it made my dad that angry, it had to be great!!!

I followed my heart and spent my life in the pursuit of the things that gave me joy. I found a way to make a living and take care of my family by working in radio, TV, comedy and Rock and roll. I was fortunate enough to have Soupy as a guest on my radio show. Some may have wished for a chance to spend three hours with Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Bob Marley ---- whomever.

For me, three hours with Soupy discussing his life, his effect on my life and letting him know that he would live on in the hearts and souls of those who were blessed by the bliss of his company was, no cliche here, it's sincerely true - a dream come true for me.

Thanks for recognizing the passing of a human being of importance to that part of a person that holds on to the ability to simply laugh and never forget the incalculable value of laughter.

God bless you Soupy.
Jeff McKee Richmond, Va.