Seminal Image Friday #6:
Frames Within the Frame (Part Four)

(Richard A. Colla; 1972)

Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa...
(Sandra of a Thousand Delights)
(Luchino Visconti: 1965)

Single Room Furnished
(Matt Cimber; 1968)

The Hoodlum Priest
(Irvin Kershner; 1961)

The Street With No Name
(William Keighley; 1948)

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
(John Cassavetes; 1976)

The Left Handed Gun
(Arthur Penn; 1958)

Pete Kelly's Blues
(Jack Webb; 1955)

Rock-a-Bye, Baby
(Frank Tashlin; 1958)

Lonesome Ghosts
(Burt Gillet; 1937)

Fahrenheit 451
(François Truffaut; 1966)

Jailhouse Rock
(Richard Thorpe; 1957)

London in the Raw
(Nat Cohen and Arnold N. Miller; 1964)

Three Violent People
(Rudolph Maté; 1956)

Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession
(Nicolas Roeg; 1980)

Pay or Die
(Richard Wilson; 1960)

The Man Who Loved Women
(Blake Edwards; 1983)

Vladimir et Rosa
(Groupe Dziga Vertov; 1970)

Explicit Ills
(Mark Webber; 2008)

Im Lauf der Zeit
(Kings of the Road)
(Wim Wenders; 1976)

Neulovimye mstiteli
(The Elusive Revengers)
(Edmond Keosayan; 1966)

(Clint Eastwood; 1973)

Le lit de la vierge
(The Virgin's Bed)
(Philippe Garrel; 1969)

Chelsea Girls
(Andy Warhol; 1966)

Sunset Blvd.
(Billy Wilder; 1950)


swac said...

For some strange reason, Rock-a-Bye Baby is only available as a UK import (along with The Geisha Boy). Wonder what gives?

(And Visit to a Small Planet and Way, Way Out only in Germany.)

Jeremy Richey said...

Wonderful, just wonderful.

Kreisler said...

Fantastic - Killing of a Chinese Bookie frame has that same narrowing paranoia as the corridor at the end of Taxi Driver. In fact Gazzarra would have made a good alternative to Keitel in the movie.

Ryland Walker Knight said...

The Berto pout, always

Vanwall said...

As ever, a wonderful waterfall of images - nice work, Tom!

Christopher said...

I'd love to have a copy of Rock-a-Bye Baby..I'd totally forgotten about that film till I saw that pic..It was run quite frequent on TV in the old days..There ought to be a Frank Tashlin box out!!

Kate B said...

I really love these posts. They are my favorites.

Mr DeBakey said...

It just so happens that I borrowed a copy of Bad Timings from the Library this week.

I hadn't watched it in decades.


So what did she see in him?
Her doom?

swac said...

Found a relatively inexpensive copy of Rock-a-Bye Baby on DVD from Australia.

(In fact, the shipping was as much as the disc.)