They Were an Item #85

Jennifer Jones and David O. Selznick.


Timmy said...

"Naah-o, I caahn't look at the camera. Noaaht until men stop wearing suits & ties at every public function."

Joe Thompson said...

I can't remember what grade I was in, but the teacher invited me to leave a screening of "Song of Bernadette" because I was explaining the nature of their relationship to the people who sat around me.

Joe Thompson ;0)

Tommy O'C said...

Beauty and the Beast.

Inquiring Camera Girl said...

"Song of Bernadette" was great, and she was a worthy "Madame Bovary."

But wasn't Jennifer Jones sort of awful in real life? I read somewhere that she threatened to kill herself unless Selznick divorced his wife for her.

Not cool!

swac said...

I interviewed Selznick's son once. He didn't really want to talk about her.