Soul Stirrers #15

Sam Moore and Dave Prater


BwcaBrownie said...

oh yeah!
Lean on me babe,
when times are bad
oh oo woh
Hold on! I'm Comin'.

Rhys Ziemba said...

" a stage full of Jackie Wilsons."

estiv said...

Saw them in probably 1967. Years later I realized that there was a good chance that Steve Cropper (at least) was on stage with them, but at the time I had no idea who he was.

mndean said...

Likely Booker T & the MGs were backing them on the '67 tour. The label did a big tour that year. You can see one of the European stops of the tour on You Tube.

Kreisler said...

They ended up hating each other; is this the unavoidable fate of all double acts?

mndean said...

Sam had no use for Dave after Dave shot his (own) wife, which broke up the act. I doubt it would have mattered much since they stopped recording at Stax (not their idea, btw - they were signed to Atlantic and sent to Stax to record, and after the Stax/Atlantic contract ran out they were removed from the Stax roster) before even that incident happened.


One of the greatest acts in show business, EVER!!!

Duchess said...

"Sam had no use for Dave after Dave shot his (own) wife, which broke up the act."

I'm sick and tired of the Dave Prater bashing, slighting, and general downplaying of his contributions to the great duo Sam and DAVE. Sam may have THOUGHT he had no use for Dave, but it turns out he DID need him afterall (Sam Moore is NOT a household name without the "Dave" and he never even came close to achieving fame as a solo artist like he did with Dave).

I'm also really getting sick and tired of reading typical misinformation like that quote all over the internet! Dave Prater acidentally shooting his girlfriend (she later became his wife after the shooting) probably had nothing to do with the first break-up of "Sam & Dave." Sam wanting to leave the duo to record a solo album was the main reason for the break-up...Not drugs, not a shooting, not their alleged "volatile" relationship (which, by the way, has been totally exaggerated, sensationalized and completely blown out of proportion). And if Sam Moore is where most people derive their so-called "facts" on Sam & Dave (particularly Dave), then those people really need a wake-up call/reality check (not to mention they need to read my blog...just click on my name, baby lol).

STOP THE SAM & DAVE MISINFORMTION!!! Together, we can all end this epidemic lol.