Jim Carroll Dead at 60

Jim Carroll
New York Times obituary here.


Peteski said...



Pastor Z said...

G-berg and Georgie let their gimmicks go rotten
So they died of hepatitis in upper Manhattan
Sly in Vietnam took a bullet in the head
Bobby OD'd on Drano on the night that he was wed
They were two more friends of mine
Two more friends that died


marietta said...

hi Jim,Du bist nun im Licht-.Ruhe in Frieden.

rookgaroo said...

This is very sad, but what a life! And what a talent. So glad he escaped the fate of his friends in People Who Died.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Pastor Z said:
“They were two more friends of mine, Two more friends that died”

Our friends over at PowerPop have the video up

Tommy O'C said...

The photo Peteski linked is disturbing. Was Carroll suffering from a long-term illness at the end? He was alarmingly emaciated.

Fred said...

It is truly amazing that the man who wrote/lived the Basketball Diaries actually lived to see his 60th birthday.

Revelations said...

"Basketball Diaries" DVD a fave in the detox I worked at. Had to explain to them who Jim Carroll was in movie when he talks about he religiosity of shooting up. When is a blooper a blooper? When you o.d. ha, ha