Faces of Science #2

Grace Hopper


Mark Connolly said...

Great new name for the series.

Hopper is known for her pioneering work in computer programming. Here's a link to an article that includes an image showing her celebrated 1947 journal entry in which she documents, and preserves, a bug that prevented an early computer program from running correctly. The bug is a moth.


Geoff said...

thanks for renaming the series, and i'm excited for more

Nate said...

A woefully under-appreciated character. She created the first compiler for a computer language in the late-40's. To put that into context, every program on your computer has been compiled (into a binary executable).

Joe King said...

The memory I shall always treasure about Grace Hopper is her profoundly practical and astonishingly useful advice:

"It is always much easier to apologize than it is to obtain permission."