Artists in Action #521

Orson Welles turns away from the light


Revelations said...

We will sell no wine before it's time.

Alex said...

Gosh. What a personality!

It looks like he's somewhere in Spain shooting material for 'Chimes at Midnight'. It's his adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry IV plays, and it is an awesome masterpiece, better far than either Macbeth or Othello (no mean feat), but so entangled in copyright issues that it can't easily be seen. My Spanish DVD is compromised by the typical soundtrack issues that fans of Welles have to accept - looping years later, stand-ins owing to actor unavailability - but it is still for my money the best filmed Shakespeare in English (just about pipped at the post for Best Ever by Kosintsev's Soviet-era Russian 'Hamlet').

Welles Plays Falstaff in the film, and boy, does he lead from the front.