The Art of American Fantasy #38


Mr DeBakey said...

That was the ultimate dream machine.

For some reason Mom wasn't interested in coughing up the $6.98.


Maureen said...

It was probably that additional 75 cents they were forced to charge because of it's enormous size that killed the deal.

Fred said...

My best friend and I used to drool over this tank and its cousin, the submarine. He ended up begging his parents to buy him the sub (the tank was a little too violent for his mom), and then Honor House ended up sending him some piece of crap made out of cheap cardboard (I think the spent more on the box it came in). Luckily, the drive from Merrick to Lynbrook was only 20 minutes, so it didn't take his Dad too long to return it to Honor House for a full refund, which Honor House honored.

Christopher said...

I always wanted one of those Sumarines that they advertised in Comics like this...I thought that they'd look like those Propane Tanks folks used to have back then in their yards

Joe Thompson said...

"authentic replica of the mighty 'General Sherman' Tank"? Not hardly. Maybe a Patton.

Joe Thompson ;0)

Tempest said...

You warmongers.

The X-Ray glasses-now THAT s#it was cash.