The Art of Pop #44

Swingin' Down Yonder
(Dean Martin)
(Capitol Records; 1955)


estiv said...

What a bizarre artifact. Of course like everyone else, I always associate sanitized fantasy musical versions of the South with Mr. Dino Crocetti. It's nice to speculate that the reason they used an illustration instead of a photo is because he refused to pose for it. The album is forty minutes long and probably took forty-five minutes to record. He -- okay, I'll stop.

Tempest said...

I wish I was at the marketing meeting when they were kicking ideas around for this album cover.

Stories yet untold and lost in the mist of time.

Christopher said...

thats the album I open up and de-seed my Ganja on.. ;o)

Timmy said...

Check out WWW.CoolnessIsTimeless.Blogspot.Com
Yet even further more proff that Dean Martin was one of the greatest vocalists God ever drew breath into.

michaelE said...

I have a sneaky feeling somebody seriously considered doing him in black-face!

Maria Jensen said...

Dino Crocetti :D
That album cover is so cool ;)