When Legends Gather #530

Tim Hardin, Phil Ochs and Jack Elliott


Bob Probst said...

Phil's looking young. When was this taken?

blankemon said...

At least Ramblin' Jack's still around.

Tom Sutpen said...


Couldn't find a specific date on this photo, sorry to say. I would guess this was taken at some point during the late 1960s, possibly early 70s.


Indeed he is, though doubtless he's still trying to live down that hideous ambush documentary his daughter made about him.

I mean, for decades the poor sap is the perennial also-ran, the Harold Stassen of Folk, then finally somebody makes a movie about him, and half of it is his daughter confronting him about why he didn't spend more time with her and moms back in the day.

Guy can't catch a break.