Shutterbugs #4

Helmut Newton


Timmy said...

Didn't he do some good nudies?

estiv said...

Mein Freund, wo sind die nackten Frauen?

Tommy O'C said...

I just read an online article that said to aspiring nude photogs, if your subject complains about the lack of light in your abode, just say two words: Helmut Newton.

It didn't elaborate on what you'll undoubtedly need to fill her in on beyond that but, if you can't improvise, I guess your nude photog days are numbered.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

his favourite shooting locale was old european luxury-hotels, and he loved big scary-lookin models.
His infamous shoot for the saddler HERMES had saddles on nudes who were kneeling on beds.
He worked in Melbourne Australia in the mid 1960's in partnership with Henry Talbot.
I suppose all that's on a wiki somewhere, but it was in my head.
and of course everyone knows his death by heart-attack was as he drove out of the Chateau Marmont, always his regular hotel when in LA.

Vladimir Estragon said...

Forget the models. I myself am lusting after the cameras.