The Fair: Peace Through Understanding #4

Original Caption:

New York -- Federico Fellini, whose movie "8 1/2" won this year's Best Foreign Film Oscar and his wife, actress Giulietta Masina, lend their fine Italian hands to a Graumann's Chinese Theater-style "hands in concrete" ceremony at the New York World's Fair Hollywood Pavilion. Assisting are members of the George Murphy Associates firm. Pictured are Fellini, Norma Yost, Mrs. Fellini, and Lee Savin. (1964)


Fred said...

You mean Fellini was at the World's Fair, not 10 miles from my home, and my parents left me home and didn't take me to meet the maestro? My folks are going to hear about this!

Rhys Ziemba said...

I've been thinking about Giulietta Masina all day today.