The Art of the Panel: Harvey #2

from Racetrack Girl!
(Artists Unknown)
(First Love Illustrated #45; October, 1954)


Tempest said...

Artist unknown!?


hmmm But I can be talked out of it.

Robert Fiore said...

In 1954? In a Harvey comic? Not within miles. Not even a Caniff imitator, though he was probably the most imitated adventure cartoonist of all.

Christopher said...

atta boy Ronny..

Chris Rywalt said...

An uncredited Harvey artist in 1954 wouldn't be Caniff but it could be Frazetta. He ghosted for Al Capp and did a lot of comics work then.

Chris Rywalt said...

Could be Joe Certa: A Joe Certa cover for First Love Illustrated in 1953 sold for $603.75 in 2005; You can see he worked at the right time.

Just another toiler in the vineyards.