The Art of the Girlie Mag #10

The Vagabond
(vol. 1, #1; November, 1960)


Mr DeBakey said...

As is my wont, I'm using this Blog as my guide to popular culture.

My local library is gathering together for me
- Sweet Smell of Success, and
- The Pajama Game
Both released in 1957.
Both starring Ms Nichols.

I should have 'em tomorrow.
Gotta love it.

Tommy O'C said...

Ms. Nichols did have a very alluring quality. In fact, there are two photos of her on this very blog, one, in her nightie...

swac said...

By a bizarre coincidence, I picked up a cheap copy of Where the Boys Are a couple of days after this post, not even knowing Ms. Nichols was in the film (Lola, can you do the fandango?).