Aftermath: Japan #7

Original caption

Yaizu -- Japan paid final tribute to fisherman Aikichi Koboyama, who died after a dusting with radiated ash in a hydrogen bomb test off Bikini, at solemn funeral services in his home port of Yaizu last Saturday. The United States was represented at the services by Minister J. Graham Parsons, of the Tokyo Embassy who traveled to the port city to represent U.S. Ambassador John M. Allison and deliver a funeral message from the Ambassador. Koboyama was radioman on the fishing boat Lucky Dragon when it sailed under a wayward cloud of radioactive ash which floated down from the March 1 Bikini test blast. Here, members of the Koboyama family are marching towards the ceremony. The man in the foreground carries a photo of Koboyama while the widow, Suzo, carries ashes of her husband. (1954)

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