Abandoned Images #2

The Last Movie
(Dennis Hopper; 1971)


Testify said...

I may be way off beam here but is there a Phil Spector theme emerging:
Spector produced The Crystals on Goffin and King's (They Were An Item 80) He Hit Me
(which as I've already mentioned was about Little Eva; Heretofore Unmentioned 80).
Spector made an agreement with writer Steven Stern to option The Last Movie so that his pal hopper could direct it. It all ended in a messy lawsuit but still..

Tom Sutpen said...

You got it!

It actually started with the Spector Before & After entry a couple of months back, but I didn't really amp it up until the last 2-3 weeks.

And . . . as usual . . . you've made a connection that I didn't intend (I wasn't aware of any Spector involvement in 'The Last Movie'). I'm certain it's not the first in this skein of posts . . . and it will undoubtedly not be the last.

One connection you missed (but only because it's as obscure as you can get): The A.E. Lefcourt building (Old New York #38) was re-named after the war when it was sold to a couple of guys named . . . that's right . . . Brill.

Fred said...

Tom, I didn't know that A.E. Lefcourt was the original name of the Brill Building. I've always known it as the latter, and am kind of embarassed that I was unaware considering I'm a native New Yorker. It still says "The Brill Building" over the main entrance on 7th Avenue, but most folks walking by have no idea about it's connection to modern pop music.

Testify said...

Apparently in May 1966 Spector came to an oral arrangement worth $71,000 with script writer Steven Stern for The Lat Movie screenplay. Spector then guaranteed monies left, right and centre going so far as having sets made and hiring Haskell Wexler as chief cameraman. When in 1967 he noted that the project costs came in at $1.2 million Spector decided he had no stomach for movies and pulled out. he was subsequently sued by Stern and Hopper, though he and DH remained buddy's throughout all this. Spector used a collage of Hoppers photo's for the UK issue of 1967's River Deep - Mountain High LP and, of course, Hopper used Spector as the silent drug dealer at the start of Easy Rider.
When The Last Movie was eventually made it was without any input from Spector.

swac said...

Aw, fudge. I've been in the friggin' Brill Building and I didn't even recognize it.

I looked at the directory when I was there two years ago, and it appears that Paul Simon still maintains an office there.