When Legends Gather #528

Dolores Del Rio, Basil Rathbone, Gary Cooper and Lili Damita


Christopher said...

ohh I wanna be at that table! :o(

Tempest said...

Basil hoping for crumbs.

Sorry Sherlock.
Size does matter.

Christopher said...

I can just hear Coop in that drawl of his,quietly as Basil leans in.
"meet-me-out back -in-15 mins. and -I'll-show you a REAL bottle neck"

Basil-Alright old fellow,you'll loose..

Vanwall said...

That's actually the loveliest shot of Lily I can remember; usually they were pieces-of-meat shots, and in this one, she's almost contemplatively innocent looking; yeah, I know that's an illusion, but this kind of ephemeral beauty is rare, and should be remembered.