In the Studio #24
They Were Collaborators #570

The Happiness Boys


Robert Fiore said...

Without benefit of Google:

"We two boys without a care
Entertain you folks out there
That's our hap-hap-happiness.

'If the silly things we do
Bring a little joy to you,
That's our hap-hap-happiness."

They were also I believe the original joy boys of radio, who sent electrons to and fro, a jingle later adopted by the famous Washington DC (that I Googled) DJs.

swac said...

Glad to know they're not completely forgotten. Of course later they became The Tasty Loafers when they switched sponsors. I still think their platter When Henry Ford Apologized to Me is one of the greatest bits of musical satire of all time.

Now if I could just find a decent photo of Flotsam & Jetsam...