I Like the Christian Life! #10

Original Caption:

Hartford -- Worshipers attend early mass in the state armory before a temporary altar. A fire destroyed the St. Joseph's Cathedral on December 31st, causing the services to be held in the armory. (1957)


v said...

Great picture.

The classification suggests mockery.

The armoury location is fabulously ironic, but do these guys deserve mockery?

Tom Sutpen said...

The classification/title comes from an old Louvin Brothers recording (covered spectacularly by The Byrds on their Sweetheart of the Rodeo LP). No mockery is intended.

Milan said...

And behold, there was a sound like a mighty scratching needle and I heard old Charlie and old dead Ira channeled by Gram Parsons and I guess Chris Hillman, harmonizing in my head: " ... others take pleasure in things I despise ... "