The Cool Hall of Fame #164

Gene Krupa


Christopher said...

hey that Cats high!..."Drum boogie Drum really is a killer..."

estiv said...

I knew his nephew in elementary school, a fact which seems stranger now than it did then.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

A Prince of percussion.

Chris said...

my dad told me of going to a jazz concert back
in the day where Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich
had one of their famous "drum battles"

he said Krupa came on first (to great applause)
and played an amazing drum solo. when he was
finished, Rich came out and played the exact
same solo, but with just one hand because he
was pretending to adjust his hi-hat the whole

Buddy was the better drummer but he was also
a prize asshole. Gene Krupa was the fan favorite.

this picture is fantastic! thanks for posting it.

Tommy O'C said...

Awesome photo.

Flynn D said...
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