The Art of the Panel: Marvel #7

from Victims!
(by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott and Sam Rosen)
(Fantastic Four #86; May, 1969)


VibroCount said...

Kirby's art has failed him and us all... just how bent is Dr. Doom's right leg (from knee to ankle, hidden by his cloak)?

Vanwall said...

In Kirby-Land, certain rules of time, space and physics were what got bent, not mere elbows and knees.

Chris Rywalt said...

When I was young I hated Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott. I thought their work was dopey and poorly drawn. I much preferred John Byrne, even though Byrne himself professed to love Kirby and often paid him homage in his work.

When I'd gained some years and experience, though, I realized: Jack Kirby is a genius. Yes, everything he does is exaggerated. His concept of human musculature is wildly unreal. Proportions are off. Shading is bizarre. And none of that matters. Because what Kirby does is get at the heart of the scene -- how it feels, not merely how it looks.

And his imagination: Costumes like Thor's, character designs like the Thing, these all look normal to us because we've seen them for so long. Really take a good look at them and you'll see how crazy they truly are.

Jack Kirby was a true craftsman and a wonder: He did all this, on deadline, month after month, with almost nothing to show for it but the work. Did you see the last batch of Marvel movies? The man's been dead for 15 years and they're still mining his work.

Cliff said...

well put Chris and Vanwall.
Like people who complain that David Lynch movies don't make any sense are missing the whole concept. Same game..different rules.