Signs and Meaning in Cinema #24

Meaning: Artists and Models
(Frank Tashlin; 1955)


Christopher said...

My Bat Lady Comics!..My Bat Lady comics!!"
love this movie..stands apart from the rest..

swac said...

Probably the best of the Dean and Jerrys, with The Stooge and Hollywood or Bust close behind. I'm also glad Money From Home (based on a Damon Runyon story) is finally available to view (I'm guessing story rights might have kept that in limbo for the past few decades).

Christopher said...

I'm not the biggest fan of Martin and Lewis(Hope and Crosby -yes!)..but this one rates a seperate dvd realease..Its a true beauty to behold..and a real treat for comic book fans..I remember when this and "Thats My Boy" first hit the TV airwaves in the early 70s