Seminal Image #926

The Roaring Twenties
(Raoul Walsh; 1939)


Vanwall said...

Panama Smith: "He's dead."
Cop: "Well, who is this guy?"
Panama Smith: "This is Eddie Bartlett."
Cop: "Well, how're you hooked up with him?"
Panama Smith: "I could never figure it out."
Cop: "What was his business?"
Panama Smith: "He used to be a big shot."

One of the greatest last lines ever.

Cagney's Eddie Bartlett has one helluva death spiral - it was a dance into a chalk outline, like he couldn't resist a few fancy steps on his way to sit at the right hand of the Lord, I guess.

Christopher said...

better 'n Schemer Burns's..
I always liked Priscila Lane..she was plain and a sexy way..

Tommy O'C said...

Come to me, my melancholy Priscilla baby...