Before and After #180: Ingrid Bergman




Tommy O'C said...

One of the all-time great faces and movie stars.

Inquiring Camera Girl said...

She had bone structure to die for. What a beautiful woman.

Bruno Leicht said...

Quote from a famous monologue, imagine her beautiful face going mad:

Paula Alquist Anton: If I were not mad, I could have helped you. Whatever you had done, I could have pitied and protected you. But because I am mad, I hate you. Because I am mad, I have betrayed you. And because I'm mad, I'm rejoicing in my heart, without a shred of pity, without a shred of regret, watching you go with glory in my heart!

Paula Alquist Anton: Yes, that's it.
[throws the knife away]

Paula Alquist Anton: I am mad. I'm always losing things and hiding things and I can never find them, I don't know where I've put them.

Paula Alquist Anton: [holding the brooch] I've found it at last, you see, but it doesn't help you, does it, and I'm trying to help you, aren't I, trying to help you to escape. How can a mad woman help her husband to escape?

Paula Alquist Anton: It isn't here, you must have dreamed you put it there. Are you suggesting that this is a knife I hold in my hand? Have you gone mad, my husband?

Michael said...

Now that's what I was talking about in the Grace Kelly thread.

Ann oDyne said...

Scarlett Johansson is lucky to resemble the early Miss Bergman portrait ... and may age as beautifully.
It comes from within of course.
Ms Bergman's daughter Isabella Rossellini has it.